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Hatstack is a group of Fontys students interested in digital security. We meet every Thursday afternoon and frequently participate in hacking competitions (CTFs). Sometimes we find vulnerable stuff, hack it, and tell each other how it was done. Other times we hold a competition ourselves, like during open days or on the Hatstack Village at NEXT.

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Thursdays from 1500 at Fontys Eindhoven, R1, room 3.21: (51.4517033,5.482314159265,31.5).

Hacknights are about once a month with talks, pizza and hacking. Hacknights are announced on the members' mailing list and below. Talk to a hatstacker or contact us to get on the mailing list.

Next meeting and events

Thu, 14 September, 15:00 in 3.21
Hacknight starts at 15:00 with a short CTF untill pizza.
Mark Deiss at 18:00: External speaker: Presentation about Security in SAP systems. “Why data is so hard to protect”
(during Hacknight 0x09)


Telegram and IRC are linked through a forwarding bot, so you can join either and get messages from both. - see our IRC tutorial - or use webchat if you have a quick question.


Email: reverse: nl dot hatstack at team.

Other stuff

Internal CTF

There's a CTF running on @ seclab. Will run until next week or until the next hacknight. Depends on how fast things get solved. You can ask for hints on IRC. Keep hints in private messages please to avoid spoiling things.



Next meeting: meeting


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Please write your articles in English to ensure that more people understand what you are saying.
You'll need to create an account via the single-sign-on program.



Mon, 6 Feb – Fri 10 Feb
NEXT week, Klokgebouw
There'll be a Hatstack village with lockpicking, hacking and other fun stuff.

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