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Hatstack Village @ NEXT

We will build a chill space with lock picking, hacking challenges, hack your proftaak, a cyber quiz, and more. There are also workshops like a lock picking workshop and a crypto party (where we help people improve their security). We're located next to the workshop rooms.

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Permanent parts

The following things are going to be available all days.

Lockpicking table

There is a table with locks, lockpicking tools and instructions lying around. Usually there will be someone hanging around who can help and explain as well!

CTF competition

A security CTF is a hacking challenge. We will organize one with a high score and prizes!

You gather points by hacking things (the challenges). At the end of every day you can present the solution to a hacking challenge you solved for some extra points. Hopefully this helps people who get stuck. The CTF ends Friday.

The scoreboard will be displayed on a screen in the village.

Ethernet Spot

We'll try to build a spot with physical network access. It's a lot faster than WiFi anyway, but especially when (if?!) the WiFi goes down, you can access /r/fhict from here.


We show things on screens. We can monitor (spy on) the network and display the eavesdropped information, like:

  • The domains that get visited most often
  • Word-cloud of most used search terms
  • Hacking attempts we can detect on the network

Or an overview of which self-organized sessions are coming up next. Or a high-score of the competition. Or ???

The Game of Go

Go is the oldest board game that is still played widely. Only in 2016, AI reached a point where they could best a human player. The rules are very easy to learn but the game is very hard to master. Having a board or two in the village is easy to set up and provides a relaxing activity in which you can get your brain to think about nothing but the placement of stones.

Event schedule

Quick overview
Lockpicking workshop: Wednesday, workshop room 3, 12:45
Crypto party: Wednesday, workshop room 3, 14:30
Hacking your Proftaak: Multiple days at multiple times - see details
1337 Quiz: unplanned

Unplanned stuff will be planned soon (can't wait much longer, lol), so check back soon.

Lockpicking Workshop

When Wednesday, workshop room 3, 12:45 - 14:15.
What We invited an expert from Madison Gurkha, an IT security company in Eindhoven, to show us all how it's done. He has given many workshops before on the topic and knows more than anyone of us.

Some others from Madison Gurkha will also be joining to tell you more about how it is to work as a pen tester in a professional environment, if you are curious.

Crypto party

When Wednesday, workshop room 3, 14:30 - 15:45.
What A hands-on workshop where you learn how to encrypt your hard drive or USB-stick, send encrypted email/SMS messages and how to browse the internet anonymously.

General info is available on

Hacking your proftaak

When Tue/Wed/Fri at different times. View or register for a time slot here:
What Bring your proftaak! We'll try to hack it and tell you how to improve (if anything).
You can also try hacking things other people made. Hatstackers can assist or give hints, or you can try on your own.

If you just want to come and watch others get hacked, see the website for time slots and projects.

Advanced Info Gathering

When Thursday 14:30
What Find sensitive info by using google search commands. You will learn how to gather realtime location based info, gather information via e-mail and sms spoofing.

1337 quiz

When To be determined.
What Hacker quiz in the style of the American TV-show Jeopardy. The quizmaster will give the answer, and the teams need to say the question. For example:

  Quizmaster: Port 80
  Team 1: What is the HTTP port?
  Quizmaster: That's correct! 100 points for team 1.

The aim is that it's fun to participate if you know your hacker stuff and interesting to watch for every FHICT student.

Wtf is Hatstack?

A group of Fontys students interested in digital security. We meet Thursday afternoons and frequently participate in hacking competitions (CTFs). Sometimes we hack things and tell & teach each other how it was done. Other times we organize cyber stuff, like during open days or on the Hatstack Village at NEXT.

En we spreken ook Nederlands hoor, but English is more accessible so written documentation is in English :).

More information about us (contact info; upcoming projects; hacknight schedule) is available on the front page.

Internal stuff

Leftovers so pages don't get unlinked.

We need to man the village. Please go here and help us!

requirements page

Challenges need to be made.

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