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tl;dr: join #hatstack on

How to get persistent IRC via Hatstack's server:

If you're looking for an easy way to ask a question, you can visit this url Be aware that this method does not show chat history.

If you do want persistent chat history, follow these steps!

Generate an SSH keypair:


Send your SSH key to Or poke someone from Hatstack.

Connecting to the server

When your account is created, you can connect to the server.
Connect to the server by SSH:

Linux/OS X: ssh

Windows: With Putty:

Connecting to the IRC server for the first time

Outdated! We moved to freenode
We are going to use the irsii client.
If you are not on the server now, install the package via your favorite package manager.
You have to have a unix shell in front of you for this to work.\\
screen <enter>
irssi <enter>
/NETWORK ADD -nick NickName -user NickName -realname YourName smurfnet
/SERVER ADD -auto -network smurfnet
/CONNECT smurfnet
/CHANNEL ADD -auto #hatstack smurfnet
/JOIN #hatstack
Further information and google

'ctrl+a d' to put the screen in the background (This is what you usualy want to do)
'exit' to close the screen. This will also terminate irssi if it's running in this shell

ssh (or via putty)
'screen -r' resumes your session

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